Thursday, 21 May 2009

the kindness of strangers

this girl e-mailed a hire company a long time ago to hire items for the wedding. after numerous correspondence, she was made redundant and their wedding budget had to go further. instead of hiring matching glasses and beautiful cutlery she and her boy opted to borrow mismatched glasses from a local supermarket and use budget cutlery which doesn't look as nice but is ok and can be donated afterwards. today this girl closed her account with the hire company and received this e-mail as the final e-mail from the hire company:

{I quote her exactly, I hope she doesn't mind}

I do hope you get a job soon, it's not an easy time, I was made redundant, after 20 years in the Professional Theatre, back in January, I was lucky, after two months I landed this job here. I know nothing about catering only how to put on shows, but I love trying to make people events work.
You can still have a lovely wedding on a budget, I did many years ago, went to the registry got married, then the whole family came with us to the local Fish and Chip shop, even the customers were joining in the celebrations!
Good luck and very best wishes to you both.

this made this girl's day, yet another day when this girl had no temp work and felt that sometimes life could be an uphill battle. it offered hope, support, and another uplifting reminder that weddings are not about the cutlery or the details or the amount you spend, but the celebration of a public declaration of love between two people.

{and if you're getting married in the Devon area, South West Event Hire comes recommended. I don't know what their products are like(!), but I can vouch for their customer service}


pierre l said...

It is nice, in the current climate, to know that there are still good, kind, people. I hope the wedding and other event go very well for you, and that you have a long happy married life.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

That's so sweet. I love small kindnesses like that.