Thursday, 7 May 2009


Finally, we are meeting the craftsman who made my engagement ring. We are going to see him in his studio in Hatton Gardens {London's jewellery quarter} and discuss with him our wedding bands. I am so excited to see where my engagement ring was made and how, and to choose our rings to match.


Kristy said...

Yay! That's exciting! We keep saying we need to find our wedding bands, but we haven't even looked yet. I actually wanted to melt down some gold jewelry I have (but never wear) to make his band, but I have no idea where to have it made.

Rachel said...

It was exciting! We have chosen plain bands which match my ring, mine is 3mm and M's is 5mm.

Perhaps a local craftsman would be able to make yours out of old jewellery. Either that or you could look on etsy?

Kristy said...

Oooh, you've already chosen them! How long until you get to pick them up?

I'd love to find someone local, and that honestly shouldn't be difficult. Austin is pretty crafty and all about supporting local industry. I guess I just have to actually look, haha!

Rachel said...


We can pick them up next week. They come in darling little white leather pouches so the best man can keep them in his pocket without it ruining the line of his suit!

Kristy said...

Awesome! And little leather pouches? Fabulous.