Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shaping Up

If the wedding magazines are to be believed, I should have spent the past three or so months grooming in preparation for the wedding day.

Have I? Well, no, not really. I have been trying to get back in shape, post operation, by doing some yoga at home and, recently, at the gym {free trial} but I am in reasonably ok shape anyway, being a size 8-10 (US 4-6).

On the day I will be having my make-up done by a good friend of mine who is a professional make-up artist and also the manager of an excellent brand of make-up at a well known London department shop. I have been to see her at work several times and experimented with various colours and so forth. Fizz and I met in the desert in Morocco so we have a shared travel past along with a love of Nars cosmetics. We still need to have the final consultation/trial but I know I am in good hands.

I have decided however that on the day I am not going to see a hairdresser. I rarely get my hair cut and my last set of highlights have grown out. I have never really had a hugely well paid job and what little money I have had has gone on clothes and shoes and socialising rather than haircuts. I have also had two rather bad experiences regarding hairdressers and big events which has rather put me off involving one on a day when I don't really want any extra stresses.

{The first was when I booked a wash & blow dry before a ball I organised as I was setting up in the day and didn't have time to go home and change. The offered various things and then tried to charge me at least twice what I'd been quoted. And it looked terrible. At least I thought it did. Everyone else said it looked very nice. But I didn't believe them... The second was before another wedding when I asked for one thing and got another. Granted the situation was a little different and included language barriers and illness, but it put me off. Again, everyone said it looked nice. But I didn't like it.}

I am going to visit a hairdresser in the week after the hen party {perhaps the one that Marie recommended - sorry unable to look up links today, will come back and add later} and if I get some more temping work will try and get it highlighted too. If I don't have the money though it can't happen.

I am also going to try and have a wax, a pedicure and a manicure plus my eyebrows threaded in the week before the wedding if, again, I have the money. Otherwise I shall do my own pedicure, forgo the wax and pluck my own eyebrows. I will do my best to have the manicure regardless as everyone looks at the bride's hands and I have only ever had one other manicure {the day after we got engaged}.

Skin wise, I have been trying to remember to wash my make-up off every night before bed. M and I use a Liz Earle hot polish cleanser which is unisex and very effective but I have also bought a facial exfoliator (which is used twice a week) to try and reduce bumpy skin round my jawline. I have also been using a Moroccan hammam soap and mitt to try and help the rest of my skin look less dull {it improves blood circulation too, which is supposed to help you feel less tired}.

And finally, I decided it was time for a new fragrance. I have used the same Elizabeth Arden Green Tea since, well, forever. The last bottle M bought me for my 21st and there is a teeny tiny bit left. He offered to buy me a new one for a new stage in life and so I chose the new Chloe eau de toilette {which came with a lovely new make-up bag and mini perfume and body lotion too}. I have been wearing it for nights out and dinners and so on to get used to the new 'me' before the wedding!


Cate Subrosa said...

I love how you got a manicure the day after you got engaged. Nice move. I knew the proposal was coming so I grew my nails specially ;)

I've groomed and worked out much more in anticipation of holidays than I did for my wedding... not sure why I never really went for it but I'm not sure anyone can tell how much you've been exfoliating anyway!

Bells said...

Totally with you on the distrust of hairdressers - I resent paying so much for something that doesn’t last long and find it so mind numbingly dull sitting there for ages staring at my own reflection until all I can see are imperfections. Ugh!
Beauty comes from confidence and if getting a fit manicure gives it to you more than going through some manic coiffeureuse ordeal then you know you’ll look gorgeous!

Rachel said...

@Cate - :) I knew people would be looking at my hands so I decided to treat myself!

I never bother much before hols or events either tbh, just thought I should address the issue at least, even if I then dismissed it!

@Bells - how right you are. Not sure if it will give confidence as such but it is a special day and nice to have the one beauty treat

Kristy said...

Catty as it was, a friend of mine and her mom were commenting that another friend of ours should've had a manicure before she started posting photos of her newly-engaged hand all over facebook and Twitter. The friend that made the comment then told me that, if I got wind she was about to get engaged, I'd better suggest we go to the nail salon.

I totally know how you feel about the hair. It doesn't really matter how many other people tell you it looks nice. If you don't like it, then you don't like it. The one time I went somewhere to get my hair done, that's what happened. I was horribly self conscious about it the whole time. After that, I asked my aunt to do it for me. I may ask for her help again in October.