Saturday, 9 May 2009

T minus 5 weeks

{M - on the off chance you're reading, don't scroll any further down}

So, 5 weeks left and just a couple more things to do... mainly logistic at this point to be honest. I am thinking that if law doesn't work out, wedding planning may just be my calling. Any takers?

Hhhm. The to-do list:

*Choose readings
*Finalise music to be played during the signing of the register.
*Finalise order of service and have printed.
*Make Bride's accessories & veil.
*Make bridesmaids' jewellery (components ordered & have arrived). Finish off their presents.
*Make labels for the napkins. Make seating chart. Assemble table decorations from peacock feathers (ordered) and wine bottles (collected).
*Finish cake toppers.
*Fill in details in guestbook and arrange for someone to ensure people sign it. Scan childhood photos. Make photo display.
*Finish making bunting to decorate marquee.
*Book transport for guests between church and reception.
*Taste and choose wine, champagne and beer. Sort out glasses.
*Ensure groom alters suit and purchases shirt.
*Ensure groom purchases ties for ushers and BestMan.
*Flowers and buttonholes (all decisions made, just need to place final order).
*Design poster to advertise band and DJ. Ensure logistics for PA system and equipment are in place.
*Purchase presents for wedding party.
*Choose and purchase wedding bands.
*Book hair cuts (both bride and groom) and general bride grooming including manicure and waxing.

And just because I took these (exceptionally poor quality photos) yesterday:

Dress with ribbon

{Image from Author's personal collection}

you know, for those who may have been wondering whether it fitted or not...


Marie-Ève said...

From what I can see, dress looks gorgeous (and I love the sash). Good luck on your list. I know you don't see it this way regarding the unemployment thing, and I genuinely hope you find work soon, but I still think you're kind of lucky in a way for having this time off before the big day...

anna and the ring said...

love love love the sash. the perfect colour. if anything it should be wider!

Kristy said...

Yay dress! It looks fabulous, from what we can see in the photo. =) And I love the pop of blue, too. Is it just a huge relief to not have to worry about the dress anymore?

Rachel said...

@Marie-Eve - thank you! And I am pleased to have the time off; I just wish I had a job lined up so I could use it more constructively on wedding planning!

@anna - the colour matches my shoes so I am pleased with it.

@Kristy - :) You're exactly right. It is such a relief to have it sorted. I really hated the dress before when it didn't fit but I actually rather like it now. Luckily! I look forward to showing you all the proper photos in a month's time!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! That blue is the prettiest shade I've seen in a long time--it's just right, not too bright and not too pale. you are going to make such a beautiful bride!

Jenifer said...

Love the dress :) I love that you are using peacock feathers for decorations. I am making my to do list for the wedding - it seems to go on forever.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

It looks like it fits absolutely perfectly! I can not wait to see the whole thing!

blushingjoy said...

The dress is perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. I loveeee the sash on you!