Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Can Anyone Help Me?

{Image from 100LayerCake}

This girl wasn't short of internal dilemmas. She loved, loved Kristina's new wedding blog and the ideas to be found within it's gorgeous 'pages', especially the home-made soap project. She wondered whether she might have time to make some herself but realised it would be better to finish the projects that she had already started. And then she realised that the tag punch that had been used to make these tags was the answer to her tag related dilemma and would allow her to finally finish one more of her half finished projects...Her boy would be very pleased. Just as he was very pleased when she finally finished her directions map last night and then made him a cake to make up for it.

So she searched the Internet and couldn't find anywhere in the UK that sold such a thing. Why oh why could one not find a 1 1/2 inch tag punch for sale in the UK? She wondered if anyone knew where one could be located.

In fact, she wondered whether there might be any lovely reader in the US who might be willing to procure her one and send it to her, in exchange for a pay-pal payment and a beautifully written thank you letter...*

(Looking for a punch which is in the shape of the entire tag, not just the hole, and not like the one in the photo - one which makes tags like the ones in the photo)

UPDATE: The wonderful Marie has found me one I can buy in the UK. Thank you Marie, I am so very grateful!


100layercake said...

Glad you found your tag punch! Good luck with your project! And thanks for your kind words about our website. We love working on it!


east side bride said...

mmmm tags. we bought 10,000 manila tags in bulk, and we still use them!