Friday, 20 March 2009

The Invitations (Part Two)

{Image from Author's Personal Collection}

We really need to get the invitations sent out if we want to give our guests any time at all to respond. In fact, if we want any guests at all there we should really get a move on.

Alex (A1's boyfriend) and graphic designer e-mailed me the initial proofs last night. I love the font he has chosen for our names and we shall be able to replicate that throughout our wedding with the peacock image I had designed.

We have decided that we had better include a response card with the invitation: older generation guests who would most likely send a formal response anyway can use the card to indicate taxi requirements and younger generation guests can use it to RSVP as well.

The invitations will be black and white. Or, at least, they are at the moment. With possibly the peacocks painted blue depending on how it looks. Black and white is not the theme of the wedding. I can't decide whether I should try and get them printed out in blue (which is more our theme) or whether I should just get them done as simply as possible and get them sent out.

I keep looking at other bloggers' beautiful invitations and am torn. On the one hand I would have loved to have had invitations which truly represented our theme, were blue and letter pressed and so beautiful that they could be framed. But that wasn't in our budget, and neither is it really us, if we are totally honest. So something we could do ourselves (or, ask Alex to make for us) suits us (and our budget) better. I love the font of these, I love the peacocks (which you can't see, obviously, on the image above) but I am not in love with them. Do you need to love the invitation, or is something that does the job (well, I would say) absolutely sufficient.


Marie said...

I love that font! And I would say to send out the invites as you have them. Ours were nothing like how our wedding ended up in many ways as we did them so far in advance of the actual wedding and me working out how it was going to be. Printing them in blue would be lovely though, so if you could do that I would recommend it. M x

Aubergine said...

I haven't posted about it yet because even thinking about it hurts my head but our invitations turned out to be such a nightmare. Yes, letterpress is gorgeous but it is also expensive. As much as I love admiring beautiful things I think it's important to remember that every detail of your wedding does not have to be decided on whether it is blog-worthy or not. It is so easy to get sucked into the, often self-imposed, oneupman(person?)ship that beautiful photography can create.

Soapbox aside, I think your font is beautiful and I'm quite jealous of it!

Good luck with your invitations! x

kellster said...

hey - i've just had our invitations digitally printed which was fairly cheap and the quality is excellent - £150 for the invites, rsvps and info cards... add some ribbon and they'll look grand!

I love your font and design but also think it would look great in blue. how about this for some inspiration:

blue/green on white paper would look great i think!

good luck! - can't wait to see your final design.

Kristy said...

Oh, I wish we could see the peacock, too! Your name looks lovely, though. =)

I won't claim to know anything about graphic design, but it doesn't *seem* like going from black to blue would be too difficult. If that's the simplest change you can make, I'd say go for it. It doesn't hurt to ask, anyway.