Monday, 30 March 2009

'March' Photo Challenge: Signs of Spring

{Image from Author's Personal Collection}

Jenna's challenge this month was to take a photograph which shows what spring means to me. Which says to me that spring has sprung. I thought about this for a while and even took a few snaps of crocuses (or should that be croci?) and daffs poking their little heads up from the earth at long last. I thought about taking some photographs of the buds that have begun to appear on the trees or the blossom that has appeared up and down our road, all of which do indicate that spring is here.

But then I thought I'd try something less predictable: the Spring/Summer '09 Catwalk Show at London Fashion Weekend. Taking photographs of the models on the catwalk is somewhat of a skill, particularly when one is not sat in the optimum position at the end of the runway. Still, I was pleased with this shot as it shows several of the models, some movement in their outfits, which look particularly spring like (and even slightly bridal) and I also managed to get the Spring/Summer sign into the frame as well. The photograph above is unedited and I like the way you can see the audience all looking the opposite way to the models as well as the lights above the runway.

{Springtime, originally uploaded by rachel-catherine}

This is the edited image - well, cropped and re-sized. I am not really sure where to begin with actual editing. Which one is the better photograph do you think?

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