Monday, 23 March 2009

'March' Lifestyle Challenge: Spring Cleaning

Jenna's March Lifestyle Challenge was to indulge in some spring cleaning. The rules meant that you had to donate some of the items you cleared out and that you had to take before and after photos.
Well, in our house we don't have much storage. This is my desk. What a mess. You can see that I have been busy making wedding related projects: there is my first inspiration board pinned up and swatches of fabric samples. There is a cardboard tube of peacock feathers (and one on the desk for colour referencing). And lots and lots of clutter.

So I tidied up a bit, moved stuff, recycled a lot of paper, newspapers and magazines, put away some of my clothes that were hung on the chair and generally sorted out piles of things. I returned the tagine (just out of shot) to M's brother and wife; I put a glass coffee table on free-cycle and gave it to a girl my age who thought it would be perfect for her flat.

But there wasn't a lot I could do with the bookcase full of books and work from Law School. So I had to leave them in situ. Still, it looks a lot better:

And then I had space for my sewing machine, so I set it up and have been using it each weekend.


Marie said...

What have you made with your sewing machine? Do you make any clothes? My sister just bought one and now I am seriously considering it too!

Indian Summers said...

Your "before" picture looks very much like my computer room does at the moment (and has done for a long time). I'm very impressed by your tidying - it looks lovely!

Rachel said...

@Marie: so far I have made an eye-mask and a cushion cover. Am building up to the matching pyjamas by practising seams on other things... Between us, T and I have re-made my going away dress.

@Indian Summers: I should have done it months ago, but never did. Very pleased I actually have space again to work!