Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Things I have made (I)

eye-mask, originally uploaded by rachel-catherine.

Marie asked what I had made on our sewing machine (it is a wedding present).

Well, I am planning to make matching pyjamas for us... ah, so sweet. For the honeymoon and so on! So I bought this fabric from e-bay but needed to practise my seam sewing. So I decided to make something smaller and easier to start with.

So, first of all I made a cushion cover. A vast improvement on the old velvet ones left over from our student days. Is made with french seams and looks quite sweet, if a little lonely. Must make some more to match.

I then made this eye-mask and one for M too. M's has the ribbons from a Cos bag as we bought the ribbon I used on mine for the waistbands of the pyjamas and so this was the spare part.

As usual the image is rather shxt and it is actually inside out but I think it is rather pretty and I am pleased with my first attempts at making pretty but useful things for our home.

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Marie said...

Pyjamas! I'm so impressed. And the eye masks are lovely.